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PaintLounge London 2017
Sluice Biennial  2017
PaintLounge -  developed by painters from paintbritain and PaintUnion brought together 40 plus painters to discuss and celebrate painting at Sluice Biennial 2017 in Hackney.
PaintUnion, founded by Rebecca Byrne and Liz Elton, organises exhibitions and talks about painting. Wendy Saunders and Paula MacArthur organised this side-project under the name of of Contemporary British Painting's popular social media entity PaintBritian. 
We extended an open invitation to come along to four days of exhibition and scheduled talks with invited painters and art professionals about contemporary painting and painting practices. We aimed to create an informal atmosphere whilst allowing plenty of room for in depth conversations around contemporary painting, with work from the artist speakers included in a salon hang in our space. 

PaintUnion | Contemporary British Painting | paintbritain 

Rebecca Byrne | Liz Elton | Wendy Saunders | Paula MacArthur 

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