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Hospital Rooms

Hospital Rooms is a mental health charity that believes in the enduring power of the arts to instil value, dignity and wellbeing in people. Our aim is to disrupt the barriers that limit access to art and culture for people using mental health services. 


We commission museum quality artists to create inventive, compelling and compliant environments and artworks for mental health units. Our artists work collaboratively with service users, psychiatrists, allied health professionals and public health researchers to create inspirational spaces that enrich quality of life, encourage conversation, enhance self-esteem and deepen ties between people. 

In addition, we programme art workshops for mental health service users that illuminate these environments and encourage meaningful participation in artistic activity. These sessions are effective in helping people to acquire new skills, build resilience, find new means of expression and form friendships. 

By treating environments with the equivalent value assigned to national museums or galleries and widening access to creative activity, we hope our projects will have a transformational impact on the people we work with and encourage lifelong participation in the arts.

Make Your Mark

PIY PaintLounge Fundraiser for Hospital Rooms 

This fundraiser has now finished.


Artists have donated 20x20cm paintings to be offered for sale at £30 each from 

29th September - 5th October 2017. 

Each painting is only available to buy online at:


Artists work will remain anonymous until after their work has been bought and collected or delivered to their purchaser. The identity of the artist will then be revealed. Artists who have contribute work are: 

Laura Hudson  Jude Cowan Montague  Ann Grim  Talar Aghbashian  Broughton and Birnie  Cara Nahaul  Clare Mitten  Fabian Peake Tess Williams  Tim A Shaw,  Day Bowman  Karl Bielik  Mindy Lee  Geoffrey Pimlott  Michael O'Reilly  Alice Irwin  Suki Berwick, Maria De Lima  Mike Tedder  Mitchell R Johnson & Charley Peters  Kristin Evju  Jane Walker  Sam Hodge  Tamsin Relly  Andrea Coltman  Stacie McCormick  Fiona Sarison  Amy Pennington  Rosalind Davis  Marion Jones  Frances Edmonds  Rafal Topolewski   Geoffrey Hands , Lee Marshall  Mary Hands  Zoe Laughlin  Ann-Marie James  Phillip Reeves  James Melloy Adam Dix  Rebecca Byrne  Yukako Shibata  Isha Bohling  Bea Haines  Gareth Kemp  Helen Rawlinson  Michelle Conway  Nick Archer  Paula MacArthur  Sharon Drew  Matthew Krishanu  Jennifer Hooper  Maria Georgoula  Rachael Rebus  Geraldine Swayne  Alison Goodyear  Tim Wilmot  Helen Bermingham  Jane Oldfield  J A Nicholls  Aimee Parrott  Karen David  Sara Berman  Fiona G Roberts  Susanna Lindstrom  Lee Conybeare  Janet Sainsbury  Xiaoyang Li  Jaeyeon Yoo  Dominic Shepherd  Sharon Haward  Clare Price  Steve Burden  Adam Hennessey  Lisa Traxler  Camilla Emson  Wendy Saunders  Orlanda Broom  Liz Elton   Didi Edwards  Helen Blake   Rebecca Meanley   John Stephens   Olha Pryymak  Kristy Harris  Sophie Mackfall  Frederic Anderson  Lisa V Robinson  Marion Piper  Mandy Hudson  Robin Dixon Dina Varpahovsky  Ed Saye  Tristan Barlow  Geraint Evans Louisa Chambers  Lana Locke  Aly Helyer     Sue Williams A’Court  Emily Jane Campbell  Selma Parlour  John Hewitt  Anushia Nieradzik  Alzbeta Jaresova  Michele Fletcher   Susan Sluglett  Jonathan Barrie  Kimberly Klauss  Lauren Cannell  Coco Hewitt  Jane Lewis  Marco Cali   Ruth Philo  Jackson Woodcock  Maggie Scott  Emma Cousin  Poppy Whatmore  Sarah Pager  Nadine Feinson  Paresha Amin  Jude Cowan Montague  Oli Epp

There will also be a special silent auction of a Gavin Turk artwork at the PIYPaintLounge

New paintings will be added throughout the fundraiser. All paintings can be viewed at PIY PaintLounge at Sluice from 30 September - 3rd October 2017.  There are also shipping options in our online shop for within the UK and the Rest of the World.


Please see our returns policy and terms and conditions on


All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards current and new Hospital Rooms projects in mental health hospitals. 

Hospital Rooms is a registered charitable incorporated organisation in England and Wales. Registered charity number: 1168101

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